September 12th Bible Study Recap

Tonight at the bible study, we studied Matthew 2 and Luke 2 and discussed the events surrounding the birth of the Savior. Certainly His life right from the beginning were filled with miracles. I often wonder the feelings Mary and Joseph had as these events unfolded. Mary seemed to keep the sacred experiences close to her and ponder them in her heart. She sets a very good example of how we should reflect constantly and consistently of God’s hand in our life and ponder them in our heart. The faithfulness they showed as the guardians is inspiring. Every child is precious in the Creator’s sight and for these parents this child was watch over throughout His life so He could fulfill this mission for the Father of us all.

There journey began as they return to their native land to be counted for the Roman census. This is portrayed so nicely in the video below.

They were forced to find shelter in a lowly, humble manager to give birth and from that point on the witnesses begin to come and see. Heaven shouts for joy and announces the birth of the Messiah of the world.

Some two years later, holy men that were wise came seeking him. They know the scriptures, they bring gifts, and they follow the guiding light in the East to find Him, the Light of the world. They come to worship and witness the Son of their Living God.

The world begins to awaken that the Savior, the promised Messiah has been born, and King Herod issues a decree that every baby boy under 2 shall be killed. Zacharias and Elizabeth flee to the wilderness with John who was just six months older than Jesus. Joseph and Mary flee to Egypt with the Christ child. They would not return back home for many years.

I know God prepares a way for all of us to do what we have been commanded to do by Him. He opens doors with no handles, clears path that are impassable, and provides the way in the wildernesses of life. His Son is the way, His Son is the light, and His Son is the truth. He is our Father, our Creator, the Almighty of this universe and we are His most prized possession among all His creations in this universe.

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