September 5th Bible Study Recap

Tonight we had a great turnout for the beginning of our bible study for the year. Our chapters of conversation were in Matthew 1 and Luke 1. We learned about Zacharias, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Mary. These four amazing people played a very important role in the birth of our Savior.

We started first by reading in Luke 1 about Zacharias. He was a priest and was charged to burn incense in the temple. One phrase that stood out to us was the angel declaring that his prayers have been heard and Elizabeth will bear a child in her old age. This is a great illustration of how God answers prayers in His own time and in His own way. Certainly Zacharias and Elizabeth wanted to have children much earlier in life, however, the Lord’s plan was for them to give birth and raise a son who would prepare the way for the Lord of earth to establish His kingdom upon the earth.

Secondly, Zacharias was punished for his unbelief by being struck dumb for at least nine months and eight days. In our lives, there is great consequences in not reaching our potential because our unbelief. The Lord saw fit to tie his tongue for a long time that he would be unable to utter one word. What blessings is our unbelief holding back from us to receiving. What blessing would come forth sooner in our life if we only believe that God can work miracles. What prayer have we stopped uttering because it hasn’t been brought to pass in our life yet because of our faith has wavered and turn to unbelief.

The same angel visited Mary but a different result happened. Mary, highly favored of the Lord, simply wondered how she was to conceive since she was not married. The angel explained how this was to be brought to pass and that nothing was impossible for God. View the video to see how she reacted to the angel’s declaration.

An Angel Declares to Mary She is With Child

The relationship between Elizabeth and Mary was quite moving as Mary went to visit her relative Elizabeth who was six months pregnant. The testimony Mary shared with Elizabeth about how God exalts the lowly and how they as commoners in society are playing such a major role in the salvation of men by giving birth to these two boys. You can real feel the emotion in this video.

Mary and Elizabeth Visiting With Each Other

Tonight helped me reaffirm that with God nothing is impossible and that He chooses the humble and lowly in heart to do His work and to bring about His purposes on this earth. God answers prayers and can change our lives so drastically with such swiftness that it appears miraculous and unbelievable to the world. He lives and He loves us. I know this to be true.

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